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Last Thanksgiving, I got to spend the day with some wonderful people. At the end of the day, we took several photographs of everyone. I was thinking about it and I realized that we don’t take enough pictures of our loved ones. Those of us that are photographers are always looking for flowers or trees or the abstract pattern of architecture but we rarely have time to turn the camera towards our loved ones. We are either too busy making art or we let their protestations discourage us. We simply don’t take pictures of them. My niece used to tell me that I took too many pictures. But I wouldn’t trade pictures of her for anything. I let my family’s protests keep me from taking any pictures at picnics and holidays.

But now I am taking photos at every opportunity. I have even begun taking my camera everywhere I go. I take pictured at church programs, ball games, school events and anywhere else people are gathered with family. I have taken to giving people the pictures or posting them to Facebook and tagging them so they can download them. An important thing that I have learned when importing photos to the computer is to tag them. Whether your program uses keywords or tags, be sure to stick a name to that person. I have been to too many funerals in my life and at several of them I have heard the family say that we have no photos of …

My aunts and mother have a chest from their mother that is full of photos: school photos, vacation photos and holiday photos. I thought if they could hold on to these paper copies of photos from 50 years ago, how we can have an excuse in the digital age not to have photos. We clear out our computers and hard drives and delete photos to make space. We determine that the silly picture of the kids taking a bath, riding a bike or picking flowers isn’t important enough to keep. That is so unnecessary. There are CDs, DVDs, portable hard drives and flash drives to back them up.

So take pictures people. Lots of them. Tag them, save them and print them. Hang them on walls and refrigerators. Scrapbook, journal or just reminisce. But take some pictures and share and enjoy them.



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20140204-DSCF5127 by jwill9311
20140204-DSCF5127, a photo by jwill9311 on Flickr.

Barn _ Western Michigan Coast – 08-3-2012-5

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Flower-2 by jwill9311
Flower-2, a photo by jwill9311 on Flickr.


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20140117-DSCF5034, a photo by jwill9311 on Flickr.

40 Knots To Know

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Why Now is the Best Time to be a Writer

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Those of you who follow my blog know that optimism IS my super-power. Yes, The Digital Age can be daunting. We are entering uncharted territories and often we have to learn by trial and error. One of my peeves is when “statistics” compare earnings or “success” of traditional authors with self-published and indie authors.

Traditional has had generations to shape and mold a business model, whereas the new forms of publishing are still in their infancies. But, I promise you those babies are gonna grow up FAST and boy will they have an appetite.

Just to throw my in two cents; one of the LARGEST blessings of social media is we have unprecedented access to experts. Need to know about guns, law enforcement procedures, geography, whatever? SOMEONE is happy to give the answer. I had a writer friend in Europe who wanted to set part of her book in Texas…

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