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Flower-2 by jwill9311
Flower-2, a photo by jwill9311 on Flickr.


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20140117-DSCF5034 by jwill9311
20140117-DSCF5034, a photo by jwill9311 on Flickr.

40 Knots To Know

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Why Now is the Best Time to be a Writer

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Those of you who follow my blog know that optimism IS my super-power. Yes, The Digital Age can be daunting. We are entering uncharted territories and often we have to learn by trial and error. One of my peeves is when “statistics” compare earnings or “success” of traditional authors with self-published and indie authors.

Traditional has had generations to shape and mold a business model, whereas the new forms of publishing are still in their infancies. But, I promise you those babies are gonna grow up FAST and boy will they have an appetite.

Just to throw my in two cents; one of the LARGEST blessings of social media is we have unprecedented access to experts. Need to know about guns, law enforcement procedures, geography, whatever? SOMEONE is happy to give the answer. I had a writer friend in Europe who wanted to set part of her book in Texas…

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Kissing Cats

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Kissing Cats by jwill9311
Kissing Cats, a photo by jwill9311 on Flickr.

Lucy’s Smile

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Webster’s Dictionary defines smile as “to make the corners of your mouth turn up in an expression that shows happiness, amusement, pleasure, affection”

I can thank of no truer expression of the definition than Lucy Winstead’s smile. I have always heard about people that could light up a room with their smile but had never met one until I met Lucy. Her smile could fill any space she was occupying. I cannot think of a time that I did not see her with a smile on her face.

Whether it was turning the corners of her mouth up in an expression of happiness as she sat in the top of the stands watching races with her son-in-law Barry and his wife, Sam or perhaps enjoying an episode of Justified while Molly sat in her lap.

Whether it was turning the corners of her mouth up in an expression of amusement as she traded jokes with her son-in-law Red or perhaps laughed at the newest bit of silliness from Uncle Si on Duck Dynasty with her daughter Lena or watching Carl Edwards win while Brad Keselowski spun out on the final lap.

Whether it was turning the corners of her mouth up in an expression of pleasure in the simple things of life such as fishing alongside a pond with her brother Eddie and sister Pat.

Whether it was turning the corners of her mouth up in an expression of affection towards her grandchildren as they hugged her or her great grandchildren as she held them.

I was honored to have helped her daughter photograph Lucy and her family. In each photo, her smile was a shining ray of contentment. Lucy had learned the secret that Paul spoke of in his letter to the church at Philippi I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.

No matter the current circumstance or the issues of the past, Lucy was content and happy in the present. When Lucy Winstead smiled her smile truly filled the room with her joy of life and her love of all those around her. For that I will always remember her.

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