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We currently sitting in a Tornado Watch. The chance of severe thunderstorms is 80-90 % percent over the next few hours. Not an oddity in spring time Kentucky. The oddity is that we had snow two days ago. Mind you it was flurries and not any accumulation but still snow. I am not educated enough as a meteorologist but as a lay man it sure seems like the reports of us changing the climate are accurate.


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Snowpocalypse 2016

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Okay, so I know that the storm is extremely difficult on people along the east coast and there are already deaths attributed to it but people act like they have never seen snow before. Everyone take a deep breath and remember that our ancestors survived a few ice ages. We can make it until Monday.




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Autumn colors fill the air and crisp breezes blow through your hair and you crunch through fallen leaves. Apple’s and pumpkins flavor everything. Baseball teams claim pendants and head to the postseason football teams begin their quests for glory.

Thoughts turn to fireplaces and warming beverages and warm companions. Brown and orange replace the green and yellows of summer in nature’s palette. Reds become darker and more foreboding on her canvas.

The abundant harvest presents itself to carry life through the coming winter. It is a joyous time before our eyes turn to winter slumber. Thus is the time of learning renewed. Youthfulness turns to wisdom and sage advice becomes reality.

The equinox marks equality before the cold nights begin to lengthen in the north. In the south the warming rays of the sun bring yellows back to colors of the world.

So as one set of souls declines and drifts to sleep another set arises and hungrily turns to feed and grow. So we find our world waxing and waning between light and dark here in the crossroads where our choice is made.


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What a great debilitating power we allow into our lives. There are those that say we evolved fear as an emotion to protect ourselves. I think it is purely the opposite. The power of fear keeps us safe. It doesn’t protect us.

The first steps into the unknown by our ancestors was the beginning to overcoming fear. Staying in comfort would have kept us safe. It would not have protected us. Oh it would have protected us from the unknown: kept us safe from knowledge.

But is there protection in lack of knowledge? Does not knowing what is over that hill or behind that tree protect us from it?

What If We Could Live Without The Subjunctive

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of, relating to, or constituting a verb form or set of verb forms that represents a denoted act or state not as fact but as contingent or possible or viewed emotionally (as with doubt or desire)

Would of, should of, could of seem to drive many of our lives. We are captured in a place of mind where we spend entirely too much emotional energy thinking in the subjunctive. What if we didn’t waste this spiritual energy? What if we lived our lives in reality: put aside the doubts and fears of the past, the doubts and fears of the future and lived simply in what we can see and feel. Would we be happier? Would our lives be dry and purposeless without hope?

To stop looking back at the decisions that have led to our lives as they are. The decisions that led to our partners. “I should’ve told them how I felt.” The decisions that led to our careers.¬†“I could’ve been¬†someone if I had just applied myself.” Would we be happier in our circumstances if the possibility of anything different was not an option, or even a thought we could entertain.

The Vietnamese language has no subjunctive. Do the refugees from South Vietnam live a better, more comfortable life not having the concept of what if? “What happened to me if I had not escaped?” Do they have less gratitude for the blessings of life because they cannot express alternatives in their native language?

What would be the results in your own life? Would you be a happier person without the thought of an alternative life. One where better decisions were made by you. One where better actions were done for and to you by others. Conversely, what would your life be if the were no hopes or thoughts of what could be? Would you be devoid of dreams? Would you live in an state of hopelessness?

What would life be without the subjunctive?


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