Autumn colors fill the air and crisp breezes blow through your hair and you crunch through fallen leaves. Apple’s and pumpkins flavor everything. Baseball teams claim pendants and head to the postseason football teams begin their quests for glory.

Thoughts turn to fireplaces and warming beverages and warm companions. Brown and orange replace the green and yellows of summer in nature’s palette. Reds become darker and more foreboding on her canvas.

The abundant harvest presents itself to carry life through the coming winter. It is a joyous time before our eyes turn to winter slumber. Thus is the time of learning renewed. Youthfulness turns to wisdom and sage advice becomes reality.

The equinox marks equality before the cold nights begin to lengthen in the north. In the south the warming rays of the sun bring yellows back to colors of the world.

So as one set of souls declines and drifts to sleep another set arises and hungrily turns to feed and grow. So we find our world waxing and waning between light and dark here in the crossroads where our choice is made.