We sometimes take time to evaluate our lives.  Usually seems that this is in a time of severe difficulties in our lives.  It may be the death or illness of a loved one.  It may be the loss of a job, a divorce, or other negative situation in our life.  It is sad that it takes such a profoundly sad moment or us to revalue way our lives.  I should be a time in each of our lines when we take it upon ourselves to explore ourselves and make an honest evaluation of the person that we have become.  Are we truly who we think we are?  Are we as kind as we think we are?  Do we really have compassion for other people?

It seems like we’re afraid to answer these questions about ourselves.  We become defensive and angry when others tried to point out our deficiencies.  We seem to have the foolish misconception that we’re perfect.  We will not admit to coming up short.  But if each of us will take a serious look, we will find places that we have come up short.  We’re not the fathers, brothers, or uncles that we meant to be.  I do not know it is what keeps us from evaluating ourselves.  Do we not want to admit that we’re not living up to the standard we have set for ourselves?  Do we have such a furor sale your that we do not want to even think about it being possible?

We are all beings.  As one of the things that we must learn to accept about ourselves.  The letter how much other sprayed on us or how much we think highly of ourselves, in each of us and one there is a failure of some sort.  It is only one would begin to accept this fact that we can begin to correct this fact.  By not examine ourselves we are condemning ourselves to continually be a failure.  All it by self examination an honest interpretation of what we see are we ever able to improve ourselves to become better.

Many of us go to the gym to improve our bodies.  We study to improve our minds.  We meditate to bury our study scripture to improve our souls.  All of the things we’re willing to do to improve ourselves.  Why is it get local and for us to sit down and evaluate ourselves in an honest manner.

I am not aiming to make us look down from ourselves that have low self-esteem, I am simply wanting us to see ourselves as we truly are and not in some high and lifted manner.  I think that each of us could improve ourselves it would just simply take the time to evaluate ourselves.  We need to take an honest look in the mirror.  We’ve really cannot expect others to be honest with us if we’re not going to be willing to be honest with ourselves.