The dumbest thing one can do is to fall in love at first sight.I mean life is hard enough to deal with in lonely times. and we all have them. Times of yearning and longing. They happen. But their is a difference between a general lonliness and missing someone. Think about it. Sitting at home by yourself is one thing, but sitting at home alone wish you could hold that one person or talk to them. Sometimes your spouse or partner can be in the room and you still are lonely for the first one. That one that stole your heart. I am not talking about grade school infatuation, i mean that one that made life make sens. The one that makes you wonder how would my mix of genes have been afected by the experience of being with them. where would we be. Where would I be. WHO would I be. Longing and searching are universal. The problem comes about when we have an object to our longing.