You ever watch people play those games where you grab a stuffed animal out of the plastic bin with a mechanical grabber. What about the game where you drop your quarter in and hope slider will make the other quarters drop off. You watch these people drop quarter after quarter in there. They will run and get more money to drop in the machine. “I almost had it that time!” “Just one more quarter will make them all fall.” I worry about those people.

They have began to worship that little stuffed animal or stack of quarters. No. Think about it. They have spend all there money to get a three dollar fuzzy bunny. That is worship. They have set aside all else for the pursuit of that goal. That stuff people do in church on Sunday mornings isn’t worship. It is singing. Worship involves a total pursuit of an object with all your hearts, minds and soul.  That girl in high school, that new car (or that old restored car), or that new house.

You know the old saying that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. We can began to worship that other yard. We forget the family and friends that we have. We can leave a job that we have prospered in and go full- hearted after that new and better thing.

The sad thing is that which you worship will rule you. That fuzzy rabbit can own you. That different woman can own you. That better job can own you. People give themselves a sense of strength and pride when they pursue these things. I am driven and pursuing something better for myself. I am growing, I am progressing. No. You are following like a mindless fool blown by the winds of fate and whim.

We paly games with ourselves and the real losers are all to often those around us. We need to worship those close to us. Those that nurture us. Those that stand there and finally say, “NO! You cant have another dollar. Stop playing the game and let’s go”