Did you know that the name of the band is “Eagles” not “the Eagles”? I know I am crazy random sometimes. But I have a larger point. Wonder how many other things in our life that we know – we really don’t?

I am not big on absolutes. You may tell me that the sky is blue. Depending on the time of day and season in my location, it may be blue, orange, red, purple or grey. The grass is green? Some of mine is brown, golden and blue tinged at this very moment.

Now I hear your argument. I am telling you how the grass and sky are where I am right now – and that is my point. Some facts are dependents of our place in time and our situation.

Think about it. Government assistance is bad. It creates weakness and laziness. People become dependent on the government to meet their needs. Until… that government assistance is coming to that person. Public roads and schools and libraries are government assistance. I can’t buy all those books, hire a private teacher and feel a building with training equipment.

It goes beyond that. I am not self-sufficient when I buy insurance for my home, car and life. It is rare that my premium payments become enough to cover a catastrophic surgery or illness. Do they cover the replacement of all my belongings and house in the event of a storm or fire? Do they cover the cost of car replacement, injury to my passengers or the person that I hit with my car or the property damage my wreck caused?

People who are depressed just need to suck it up and stop their whining and laying around. Does that apply to me when my loved one is back in America while I fight in the hills of Afghanistan? Does that apply when the doctors find a mass that is too large to remove and too advanced to treat. When I am lying at home with Hospice visiting for pain management and to boost my quality of life as I die? Does it apply to the ones watching my slip towards that appointed end?

There are facts in each of our lives that we have build our lives on. I wonder how many of them are as trivial as whether its “The Eagles” or “Eagles”? I wonder how many of them taint our outlook on others and how we relate to them.