As a New Year approaches, it always causes us to take a mental inventory of our lives. We make lists and resolutions of what we want to do in the future. We look back and see where we are compared to the same point in our planet’s orbit around our sun. We cry for joy. We cry for sorrow. We cry for the sake of crying. We write blog posts about it all.

This is not one of those blog posts.

Jimi Hendrix’s band mates tell of him being disappointed and frustrated in the studio. He had a sound in his mind that he could not get out through his instrument. Now far be it from me to compare my creative abilities to Jimi’s but I can understand his frustration. There are incredible photos that I see every day through my camera lens and find myself unable to capture it.

Moments are fleeting. Life moves on. Sunsets fade. Rainbows go somewhere beyond the western horizon to die. Muses come into our life and move on. It is the nature of life.

A person comes and inspires us, loves us and edifies us. Then they are gone. I have a sister who passed away at 9 from leukemia, my niece moved out when her mom got married and there have been pretty faces that have moved through my life. That seems to be the nature of life: transient, flowing and malleable. We never work with the same people or even see them even again after a brief meeting to inspire each other, to collaborate and to create.

These are the things that awaken me in the night: those transient beings. Those ghosts of past and future. The fear of losing the ghosts of present. Life is ever moving and changing. Brilliant shocks of joy pass by as morphing whisps just beyond my grasp and comprehension. A wailing staccato run of chords blending with a reverberating echo from some lost -perhaps just hidden – wall of Marshall’s. Just beyond my ability to mold and express. And finally cascading and fading into the dawn as morning breaks.