Price Hikes

So now that the networks have cut back on foreign news rooms and we have all turned to the internet for our news, internet providers do this. I wonder what my bandwidth usage was for watching Reuters and BBC and NHK coverage of the earthquake and tsunami. And that five hours of streaming Hawaiian radio must have ate up the bandwidth too.

We are always being told how the internet can be the new media and offer us unfiltered news and opinion. Well apparently only a limIted amount of it.

Now I know that there are people who have youtube streaming 24/7. I know because I get bumped into them all the time. I also know that there are people streaming Pandora radio 24/7. Yes even while they are sleeping. It is there white noise machine. The new tranquil springs soothing them to sleep.

I realize that these are the abusers of the bandwidth that companies are seeking to rein in but I see unintended consequences. I also know that they are encouraging the use of the internet for everything also.

The family of six that shares a connection all playing flash based games for a half-hour a piece. Perhaps throw in a family movie. Toss in grandma’s video update on how the grandkids are doing. Dad skyping from a business trip. The video lecture for mom’s online course. Some science videos for research. And yes some leisure Xbox live play or iTunes video podcast downloads. I haven’t even touched on sitting through a 90 second ad before I can view a news page or the flash-based ads running in the sidebar. It all adds up.

My two little computer screens that show my connection traffic are always blinking. Even when my computer is “idle”. My phones connection arrows are always pointing back and forth with pushed content. I am sure I can block or at least curtail much of this with flash blockers and turning off all automatic updating and real-time virus protection. But I don’t want to keep myself from viewing any web-based site or miss out on playing farmville. And that real-time virus protection: I kinda like it.

I know there is no use griping about it. When Comcast was allowed to do it everyone was going to follow suit. Yep the free market and its increased competition. What I see is the free market colluding and saying well if they are doing it so can we. I mean what are we going to do find some new open means of gathering information from around the globe in the privacy of our own home.