Last words are for fools who haven’t said enough. – dying words of Karl Marx

Well I have to admit that blogging is not the easiest of things for me to do. I really don’t feel a great need to share a lot of my life with people. I also feel that anything enlightening or truly amazing that I could say has probably already been said more eloquently by some one else. Plus the fact that I tend to be very opinionated and that can really cause some trouble. But I also have found that it can cause a great deal of discussion.

Now I love discussion. I think it is how we learn. I never learned very much in school from reading a book or even listening to a lecture. I learned the most by listening to classmates explain their point of view. The same way in my life in the corporate world. I didn’t get so much out of seminars and conferences as I did hanging out with people after the official sessions and listening to their complaints and ideas and solutions.

Having said that, I have never felt that I have a whole lot to add to the greater discussion or any brilliant insights. I am rather plain and normal (well somewhat normal). But I was discussing yesterday with someone how all of us have unique experiences in our life that could assist others.

Now one of the things that I hate to hear people say when someone is having a problem is “ I understand. I have been there.” I always wanna call bullshit. You have never been through the exact same things as me. You cannot understand my situation fully. I know that these people are trying to be supportive when they say it but it is irritating to me just the same.

I am trying to be more open and sharing with people though. I have been through some pretty wild and interesting incidents. Walking away from a wreck where my head went into the front window, walking away from a wreck where I rolled a car and ended up on the hood. Holding my dying sister as she turned cold and the nurse’s shut off the monitors. Being a 41 year old virgin. (So not like the movie). My therapist and I may never stopped talking about that situation. I once stalled on the railroad tracks as a train appeared out of nowhere. Still don’t know how I got off the tracks.

So I was thinking about the last words of Karl there and thought to myself what a shame it would be if I died without saying enough. What if I was destined to share some great experience of my life. Perhaps fate had spared me from some of these circumstances and forced me into others of them so I could share them. I could try to illicit something from them that I perhaps could pass on.

I was thinking that I could add some weight to those cliché’s of life stuff like seize the day, be yourself, follow your dreams or your face will stick like that. We have heard these things all our lives and sometimes pass them off as silly sayings. But what if I could give life to them. What if I could help someone to make the most of today. What if I could show them how fleeting life is and how important it is to spend it doing what you want to do with those that mean the most to you.

If I can compel one person to throw away the shackles of mundane life and to experience it with a fresh vigor and vision. If I can create in them a spirit of adventurous spontaneity. Then I think I could rest easy without seeing myself as a fool who never said enough and needed some profound last words to share.