I know that most people hate the winter. The cold and the snow and ice. The long nights that seem to start as soon as you get home from work if not before. The dry skin that always seems to come along with living in the heat all the time. Not being able to get out and go to the park or just hang out in the back yard.

Me? I love the winter. Everything slows down for me and I can think. I can write and catch up on my reading. I have been getting a lot of reading done this winter. Some books I have been meaning to read for months. Some books that I have been looking forward to rereading. I will blog about some of the books here or you can check them out at goodreads.com

The other thing it does is it allows me to be alone with myself. I know lots of people love to be around other people and going all the time, but I love to just slow down and be alone. Winter allows me to do this. I get to just be me. My mind is not tossed and turned by a lot of things (normally).

I love sitting in the truck and watching the birds at the feeders. I love making the first footsteps in the new falling snow in the woods. Something about being alone and just seeing nature around me grounds me. The soft sound of the wind blowing in the trees. Hearing crunch of snow as a rabbit runs across the frozen snow. The fluttering noise of a bird amongst the barren blackberry vines. There is something peaceful about just sitting and feeling the crispness of the cold air awaking my skin with its touch.

Here in the dark and cold, I can feel alone. I like the feeling of alone. That is why this blog is so hard for me at times. I hate sharing myself with others. Even if it is behind the veil of these words.