I am sorry I have been neglecting this blog. This year has been a wild one already. There is so much on my mind to blog about that I do not know where to start.


Our church is going through a lot of turmoil lately. Our pastor suddenly resigned at the end of December. Of course, we have lost several members because of this. It is always odd to me how many people go to a church based on the personality of a preacher. Then there are those people that seem to drift around from church to church. Never really settling anywhere. It makes it hard to build a church family when everyone just floats in and out and never stays long enough to get to know others or for others to know them.

It is odd to see people who claim to be so dedicated to the church and its ministry to the community that can run away so easily at the first signs of trouble. The couple that was our youth leaders have left. They left without a word.

I also hate to see people leaving for a more secular reason. They take a lot of money with them. I know church isn’t about money but there is a basic need to keep the utilities paid. I don’t want to see the church close down, but at the same time I don’t want to see it drag on barely getting by.


One of my closest friends is going through a serious illness with their father. I hate seeing them go though just because , but I also hate seeing it because they have just recently been able to reestablish relationships with their family and it seems like this is just an insult. Another one of those circumstances that really makes me question the wisdom of God.