Well I have a another year under the belt. It is kinda neat that the birthday comes so close to the new year. I can look back at the past year from two perspectives. The past year has been a wild ride around here. There was another early year ice storm and they continue to tear apart downtown to “improve it”

I am hoping that is what is happening to my body. My feet are beginning to drive me crazy with their drying and cracking. The doctor things my blood pressure could stand to come down and my heart rate is elevated. And the nurse wasn’t all that to look at to be honest.

Had some foreign material removed from under my arm. That was an experience only made better by the infection at the incision site. Made for some fun standing in the middle of a dusty race track holding a camera trying to keep it clean and dry. It would have been a good time to have had stock in the gauze industry.

I went through the year with no eye infections which was the first time in three years. The cataract is still growing and I can see it floating around in my vision ever so often but surgery is still more than I can afford. OK let’s be honest five dollars is more than I can afford most days.

Speaking of money. The camera finally played out. It had some help from me leaving a window down in a rain storm. I have not been without a camera in a long time. Come to think of it I have always had some kind of camera available. I still have the film cameras but it is getting impossible to find anywhere to get the film developed.

I am doing 365 again on flickr this year. Been interesting doing it with the point and shoot for the first few days. It has made me think about them more and concentrate on the processing.

Let’s see. Love life: Still single and childless. Still spoiling the niece and nephews and anyone else that will let me though. It is nice being able to send them back.

Personal relationships: met some incredible folks and have reconnected with others. Have lost a few friends through the year due to their craziness and fading away. I miss them a bit, but at the same time… new friends are good.

Check out the 365. Continue reading the blog and let’s see where my 43rd year goes.