Mediocrity has a way of sneaking into your life and stealing away bits of your soul. It appears as grey blotches on the canvas of life. It seeps slowly across you and enters your bloodstream poisoning your virility.

It eases softly against your hopes and dreams rubbing the shine off of them and exposing the fears that you have hidden from yourself  for years. Brave dreams are rubbed with the abrasions of other’s words. You hear them for truth for the first time in your life. Everything that has ever been said carries a weight that you have refused to give it before. The thoughts of others become your reality.

Age becomes more than a number; it becomes a measuring stick for all the things that you have failed to accomplish. The list of things I wanna do before age… becomes the things I wanna do before I die. Challenges are no longer faced as obstacles to be charged through but risks that are too great to be overcome.

Until deep in you there stirs an energy born of stubbornness perhaps. The doubts and dismissive words of others birth in you an anger. More than an anger at the doubters or the words the anger is at yourself. You remember the gifts and talents that are within you and the dreams that they once created in you. Shackles of doubt and fear fall away and leave you unfettered to proceed forward.

Aggression and depression give way to determination. The sparks and embers of hopes that you have repressed and attempted to smother burst forth in a  blazing fire of creativity. The weight of your experiences that once rested upon your shoulders and bound you now is a foundation to stand upon. A resource of thoughts and ideas that free your mind and expand the way that you look at your craft.

Free now of the fetters of what you once accepted as reality, you are freed to explore the expanse of the possible that you once never saw. Long forgotten are the small nagging perceptions of others. The only sound that reaches your spirit is the rush of freedom.