Coffee. Oh you sweet wonderful elixir of the gods, how i love you. Coffee has been a companion of mine for a long time. My grandmother introduced it to me at a young age. She treated me to something she called milk coffee. Now while she didn’t steam the milk, I suspect that my grandmother served me my first latte. It was probably a Community Coffee latte at that.

I must admit that I have never graduated to the more serious coffee drinks though. I am still a bold brew with room for cream guy. On a crazy day, I get some hazelnut syrup in it. I have tried the cappuccinos and the lattes and caramel macchiatos, but i always come back to a simple bold brew.

Now the one coffee drink that makes no sense to me is the americano. It is a shot of espresso with hot water added to fill the cup. I think it is a drink for people who wanna look sophisticated and drink espresso drinks but still like that see the bottom of the cup feel of diner coffee. Now that is some stuff that i think turns most people off to coffee. They are used to drinking that flavored hot water that you get at Shoney’s or Denny’s. They haven’t really tasted a full-bodied coffee. Now I am not saying that I can taste the fruit accents that all the drinking notes list for various coffees, but i can tell the difference between a cup of Pike’s Place and Folger’s. And I can definitely tell when I am drinking a cup of that diner coffee that i can see the bottom of the cup through.

Another thing that I can’t understand is iced coffees. I have been known to drink a frappucino (bottled and fresh blended), but coffee on ice. Ice is for bumps on the head and sodas.