I am sitting here really wondering what the Amish do in the winter. I mean there is only so many candles you can have to light the house after 4:30 pm. I mean that keeps you from even reading a book to keep from being bored. And how do they stay warm? Do they believe in gas furnaces? I mean there can only be so much wood that you can cut to keep the stove burning or the fireplace blazing.

I have been using the NYT Reader to read the paper and have glanced around Flickr and Twitter for a bit. I have even fed, planted, collected and supplied all I can in my Facebook apps. It is only 8:18 and I am trying to find something to do. The television is the same old foolishness and I have read all the books I have laying around. Even editing photos has become somewhat tedious this evening.

It is bad when your hobby and “job” are not even keeping your boredom at bay. I suppose it could be worse, I could be so busy and stressed that I couldn’t stop. I may be back to blog more later. No Really. Things are that slow around here tonight.