When my brother and I were younger our house was on a cliff beside the KY River. I can remember it being at least 40-50 feet tall and we would climb down it all the time. There was a cave in it also. An Ancient Indian cave with all kinds of artifacts in it I am sure, but it was overgrown with trees and brush.

This summer I returned to our childhood home and took some rope and a hatchet and machete’ with me. I hiked over to the cliff and was surprised. It had obviously eroded severely. It was ten feet at the most. The cave… It had shrunk to a small fissure in the rock. Little more than a crack.

So I was thinking about the other things in my life that I have blown out of proportion over the years. Fotr years, I lived in fear of trying to make a living out of being a photographer. I kept holding myself back from trying to sell my photos. I kept giving them away and i even shot more than one wedding for just the cost of the film. Yes I said film. It was that long ago. Somehow it never connected that if people wanted my photos and wanted me to shoot their weddings then maybe they would be wiling to pay for them. I finally made the leap a few summers ago and bought some lights and equipment and jumped in. It would up being kinda like the cliff and cave. It hasn’t been as hard as I thought. I am still not making a killing, but I am working with someone ele now and making money as a photographer. I look forward to it growing.

And now I just wonder what other things i allowed fears and apprehension to keep me from attempting. I am sure that everyone has things in theior lives that have kept them from reaching out and extending themselves in to the unknown. My one wish for my friends this Christmas is that they would loose themselves from the chains of doubt and the memories of the past and reach out to the future with hope. I want them to see the things that are available to them and see them as reality not just as dreams.


You suppose that you are the lock on the door but you are the key that opens it. — Rumi