Ok. So this is a day I dread. I mean it is the worst day on the calendar. It really is bad. Why? Because TBS plays that damn movie for 24 freaking hours. Yes that movie!! I am not going to even mention the name, but you know the one with Ralphie and the tongue stuck to the pole., Yea that movie. I realize that the people at TBS want to be with family, but i mean please to leave that damn movie on repeat for 24 hours. The yule log channel looks better. The grass growing channel, the water freezing channel or even the black fading to black channel.

But on a bit of a more serious note. I am really excited about this year. A friend of mine has been waiting for this day all month. It has been really neat to hear the excitement in their voice. This is a season of hope and excitement for everyone that celebrates. Whether it is the miracle of the Hanukkah candles, the celebration of a Saviour’s birth or the the reaffirmation and restoration of a culture; everyone comes together at this time of year in reflection and celebration. we are filled with the memories and smells of childhood as we feast on candies and dishes that only seem to come out at this time of year. We get excited about the new memories that are families are going to creat overt the holiday season this year. In a weekk, we begin to grow introspective and resolve to be better, lose weight, love more, hate less and just be plain better people.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we have just celebrated our longest night. This year with a full lunar eclipse. From then forward, our days grow longer and night and the fear and darkness and cold recede away.  Seed catalogs litter my bedside as I begin to plan what the flower beds and garden will look like next year. CDs and DVDs clutter the table as I backup and archive a year’s worth of photos.

As I do, I am reminded of all the things that have passed this year. My sister got married and moved away with my muse. I made a great new friend that has moved my life in ways that I would have never imagined. I have been inspired, angered, saddened, lost, found, discouraged and redeemed all in the course of a year. 2010 has been a year of growth for me. But i think I will save the details of that for a later time. Or maybe i will hide it in my heart and let it grow into a greater memory of where i have been this year and what I have been through.

One thing I do know that I am going to do: set TBS as a blocked channel over the next 48 hours.