I have to brag on myself for just a minute. I am a damn good photographer when i take the time to be. I like to think that I have the ability to find an interesting way to look at old things. There are times that a photo just presents itself and I am lucky enough to have the camera next to me. Other times, I have to take the time to find what is interesting about something everyday. Take flowers: we have all seen them all the time. They can sometimes be a thing that we just overlook. My favorite thing that I have found joy in photographing is a dead tree in my back yard though. It is plain, bare and just waiting to fall on the truck. But I have been able to capture it against the bluest of skies filled with clouds, Sometimes the steely clouds of a winter’s day hangs over it. Other times, it stands proud above everything else.

I like looking at the dead tree. It reminds me that everyday is different. Every day holds some promise. It just takes us being willing to look beyond the ordinary that we are expecting from it. That high school drop out that we would like to write off that excels beyond everyone else. An old car that purrs like a kitten, a homeless person that shares his meal with us or that plain looking pie that turns out to have simply delicious.

I hope that today you will go look at some or someone you see everyday and seee something new in them.