A young man in a coffee shop was encouraging his girlfriend to spend more time hanging out with her friends so that he might spend more time with his male friends. The girl said that she didn’t really have many really good friends because most of them were jealous of her appearance. She said that while she was sometimes invited out in big groups, none of the girls felt like hanging out with her by themselves because it made them feel bad about their bodies. On occasions when the girls went to the beach or did something that might call for revealing clothing, she said she was never invited because of the way she looked in her swimwear in comparison to the other girls. And at dinners she said she’d received glares from ‘friends’ for eating a normal sized meal while those not blessed with her metabolism picked at salads.
The young man asked if she was honestly saying that she was ‘too cute’ to have best friends.

I’m not saying I couldn’t have best friends, she said, they’d just have to good looking enough not to be intimidated. That’s why you always see hot girls in pairs.