She is one  of my muses. She really inspired me over the past 5 years. As you can see from my flickr stream, she is the subject of several of my photographs. I had given up on photography and to be honest life in general for several years. She came along and wanted to see my cameras and wanted to take pictures. She was always willing to go riding with me as i chased a sunset or sit in the car as i tried to capture a lightning.

She naturally would strike a pose that inspired and encouraged me. Now that my sister has moved with her, I miss her. Especially this time of year. She was always excited to pose with the tree. She was always excited to go walking through the snow looking for the perfect frozen leaf or ice coated limbs.

Christmas has never been a very big deal to me as far as gifts and trees and decorations but she always had a small led lit pink disney tree that had to be set on the library table. We never needed a huge tree with lots of ornaments for her. Just a place that gave Santa somewhere to set a Barbie and eat some cookies.

I have been finding myself drifting away from photography again. Find myself searching for the energy to get out of the house and go look at the beauty around me. I am seeking something that will push me and challenge me to do what I know I can do. Something to inspire me to push and challenge myself. Drop by flickr and check out my photos of her. It will be worth the trip.