I am listening to the radio as I type this and they are talking about a couple of local fires in the area. One of the oddest memories that I have of Christmas are fires. Seems like every year that you hear of several house fires this time of year. Seems like maybe a heater or a candle or something starts a fire that burns the families house and all the Christmas presents.

I always am amazed at how great people are to these people though. Here a week before Christmas, we have spent all of our money on ourselves and our families. we are beginning to get excited about our kids and family opening just that right present. I remember one year in particualr that I heard about a Christmas fire and the story of one little boy was so moving to me.

He had heard that his church was taking up money and gifts for the family. He wanted to bring a gift from under his tree to the little boy. He randomly picked a gift. His parents tried to encourage him to pick something else. They offered to buy something else for the other boy. But he had demanded almost that he needed to give the boy that gift. He wouldn’t take no for an answer. So his parents gave in and let him give the boy the present that he wanted to give him. The family went to the boy’s motel on Christmas Eve and watched as the homeless boy opened the gift that was the one thing that the boy had asked Santa to bring him. His mother and father had told him that Santa wouldn’t be able to get it to him.

The story says that the boy that gave it to him looked at his mom and ddad and said, “wow, now i know how Santa feels when he gives kids all that stuff on Christmas. Does he wanna cry too?”