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I am sitting here typing this on my mobile device and it got me started to thinking. That is always a dangerous thing.
I realise that as I become more connected I am becoming less connected on anything more than a basic level. I have over a thousand friends, followers, contacts, etc. and I try to visit each of their streams as often as I can. Not everyone of them updates daily or even weekly but when I see an update I try to visit. I catch myself being so pressed for time though that I have to resort to leaving faves, thumb’s ups, kudos and likes. I never have time to leave more than that small sign that I visited and perhaps a cursory comment such as nice or well done.
I really do find that troubling. I began blogging a loooong time ago and when the community I blogged in closed down I failed to migrate along with my contacts. I had become close to some of them: to the point of mourning losses and celebrating life events along with them. I was “there” with them for births, deaths and such milestones as first days of school. Then they were gone from my life and I stopped thinking of them after a while.
Then I will see them on updating on FB or tweeting about that baby beginning school, that parent succumbing to cancer, them finding love or some such. To some people these may seem like trivial matters that were a waste of bandwidth but they remind me of the connection I once had to these people. They remind me of a time that I could grow to know and care about someone online.
I cant say that I don’t enjoy “meeting” people from all over the world but I do miss the intimate relationships that I had with those few contacts that I could stay in touch with and grow to know.
I bought a package of blank cards the other day and planned to sit down and write some personal notes to them. The package still sits unopened in the hallmark bag on my desk. I had too many sites to visit and leave a fave on.



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5.7 million miles. I will never complain about a drive to work again.

Hello world!

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